Katerina Kulanova - selected works 2013-2020

White Plastic

Pragovka gallery Rear, Praha, CZ, 2020
group exhibition
White plastic represents a tool for achieving simple, effective, economical, yet at the same time the trivial result when creating visualizations in the virtual environment of rendering software. In this rendering software, each material has its physical attributes set to imitate real material – for white plastic, it is a white plastic material with colorful and reflective parameters R220 G 220 B 220, fresnel IOR 2.0, and reflection glossiness 1.0. The exhibition perceives the white plastic phenomenon as a symbol for uniformity and sterility as well as default basis or simplicity. The collective of architects, artists and curatos contains of Petr Bureš, Sára Davidová, Markéta Jonášová, Kateřina Kulanová, Vojtěch Rada and Jan Vybíral. For more see >> PRAGOVKAGALLERY

Simulant of Imagination at the Matter of Art 2020

Prague City Gallery, CZ, 2020
group exhibition
A Collection of Stimulants of Imagination is a part of the exhibition 'Come Closer: Bienále Ve věci umění / Matter of Art 2020'. Contribution with piece Adventure Ravegrounds. Photos by Tereza Havlínková. For more see >> Institute od Anxiety >> matterof.art

Public Hearing in the Matter of Imagination

Menza Strahov, Prague, CZ, 2020
group talk
Contribution in the Public Hearing organised as part of the exhibition 'Come Closer: Bienále Ve věci umění / Matter of Art 2020'. Photos by Tereza Havlinkova and Karolina Matuskova. For more see >> Event Info - Recordings

Keepers of the Palace of Seeing

etc gallery, Praha, CZ, 2020
exhibition architecture
Lea Petříková's show in the ect gallery presents two pieces examining the medium of film, its elusiveness of capturing the fictional and the limits of mediated perception. Exhibition architecture draws on the movie set double sidedness. For the two videos in the exhibition, two diverse environments are being created: a dark stage set, inviting the viewer to the fragments of the mythical mountain of illusion, and its other side, the back of the scene, exposing "the forest" - the background of the fictional - to the street. Photos by Jan Kolsky. For more see >> leapetrikova.com >> etcgalerie.cz

Trnkova Library

Trnkova, Olomouc, CZ, 2020
competition proposal
Competition proposal of library in Nové Sady, Olomouc. In collaboration with Petr Bureš and Alžběta Kvasničková. Igor Machata text, grafika architektury Eliška Fenclová.

All the flats we could have lived in

Praha, CZ, 2020
interior architecture
Drawing our flat with Vojtech Rada. First collaboration, dialogue in CAD and reality crash. >> vojtechrada.com

The concept for co-operative shops Trefa and Terno

Borovany, CZ, 2020
commissioned competition
An exemplary design of a new concept for shops Terno and Trefa of co-operative association Jednota Ceske Budejovice. Enlarging the shop's area by moving the entry to its original position in the building enables moving of the high racks from windows to space, therefore reopening the shop display windows. Simplified facade with build-in benches reflects on the shop's position within the city center square, its interiors emphasize the hit of Trefa and Terno shops - over-counter sell of fresh local products. Staff attire design, merchandise products, and customer home-delivery service were presented as part of the architecture concept.

Images Which May Resist

GAMU, Praha, CZ, 2019
exhibition architecture
The exhibition "Images Which May Resist" presents the new works of Lucie Rosenfeldová, Matej Pavlík and Marie Lukácová, which oscillate between the spheres of documentary, experimentation and fiction, and ask about the information which an image might possess and of its relation to artistic perspective.  Photos by Max Vajt. For more see: WWW

Arts and Theatre Institute

Nekazanka, Praha, CZ, 2019
int. design, furniture
Wittman house, Kaunic Palace garden house, was originally designed as a place of summer feasts. These were later replaced by the functions of protection and companionship of modern women: the house was over sixty years used as the seat of the Czechoslovak Women's Union. Today the house serves as a representative and administrative center of Arts and Theatre Institute. To its street level, a variable usage and furnishing layout were presented, for its more private and less flexible first-floor office furniture with detail-oriented in-built furniture was designed.

Farewell Privy

Volyne, CZ, 2019
in progress
Mobile privy for gallery currently located in an unfinished mourning hall from the '80s on a cemetery in Volyne. The gallery program curated by Jan Freiberg addresses the relationship between beginning and end: '... there is no life without death. On the contrary - with death many new things begin.' For more see: WWW

The Tenth Plan for Barrandov

Prague, CZ, 2018
Where does space lie for a new urban plan of discontinuous areas, that have already been examined by nine unrealized plans? Furthermore, can a new plan include change as the main design parameter? The Tenth Plan responds by reduction and changeability. It drafts a scenario extending into the far future, beyond the termination of the territory's denominator: film studios. Based on a map of local and wider centers and placed on historic routes, it specifies three major acceleration points in the ideologically uncharted area along the most important traffic barrier. Points are deliberately designed to avoid the architecture's time specificity by hosting film landscapes. Their function and volume are a compromise between the interconnected city structures: physical or metaphysical.


Desná u Litomyšle, CZ, 2018-20
under construction
Reconstruction of the re-aquired cottage of the investor's grandparents. The house is hidden in a steep slope below the main road. It is built-in and of the rock of local marlstone, so the interior faces increased humidity. This parameter strongly affects not only the new construction of the floors but also the appearance of the self-supporting staircase. Old fashioned living room with tiled stove and large dining table were complemented by minimalist kitchen made of solid wood with fine details. Newly inhabited attic with exposed construction is deliberately conceived as a unified space welcoming the rhythm of its magnificent rafters. The roof windows are replaced by a newly glazed door to the hay from the yard and a new elongated window in the base of the truss, which visually connects the interior happening on the slope of the small garden. All elements respect the age and personal history of the house - by rearticulating the old without copying it.

Letters to the Mayor: Prague

Prague, CZ, 2018
Co-curator for Norma Space with Storefront for Art and Architecture
Letters to the Mayor is an initiative that displays letters written by architects to their city mayors, started in 2014 by Storefront for Art and Architecture. Embodied in Installation Prigeon, Doves and Homers by artist Jan Bohac, performed by Prague's city center Run and finally shifted by Discussion of seven candidates for 2018 mayoral elections, Prague iteration rearticulates the project by pointing out one of its original cause: the communication struggle between the partner forces that together, create the city. Letter's content resonated in campaigns for autumn 2018 elections. Texts reported agreement in obvious topics (e.g. housing crisis), but collided showing on one hand nostalgic tendency for dissapearing qualities of the city and a strong demand for the contemporary on the other.
1/ Exhibition: instalation Prigon, Doves and Homers by Jan Bohac;

2/ Run: route via Prague's city center pointing out important issues from letters;
3/ Discussion: on the Lettes' content with seven Prague Mayor Candidates 2018 from whole political spectre.
4/ PechaKucha Night presentation (czech only).

Eva Franch i Gilabert: Alternative Practices

Prague, CZ, 2018
Lecture at AAAD, WWW
Lecture by Eva Franch i Gilabert, Chief Curator of Storefront for Art and Architecture in NYC, future Director of the british AA School of Architecture and Catalan architect on experimental forms of art and architectural practice.

Interier of flat in Stallichova

Praha, CZ, 2019
An apartment for a young family on the lower ground floor of a linear development from the '50s. Emphasis on natural lighting and sufficient storage space, clear functional zoning, and differentiation of areas for movement, work, relaxation, and sleep is inscribed mainly in the continuous space of the entrance hall, kitchen with dining and living room. The furniture block partially divides the hall and common family spaces minimizes corridor space while bringing enough light to the entrance hall. The concealed sliding door allows quiet reading by the window to the shared garden as well as evening movie screenings. The design of the rooms with large built-in wardrobes offers free space for the concentrated work, play, and sleep for all four members of the family.

Lost in Survival

Prague, CZ, 2017
Exhibition proposal made for 15 Costa Rica Survival workshop projects in collaboration with Peter Bureš for UM gallery.
"Discomforts, nature, heat, humidity and a group, composed the world that was for us, Europeans Y, so unfamiliar. We decided to play the game of survival in the Costa Rican jungle, explore and describe an exotic world, every one regarding its own limitation of "risking own life". One of the most important topics was survival, but real survival research was too dangerous. It was reduced to play, escape from reality, and creating backdrops for its progress. The result was mostly "live analysis", a description of the effort to ignore the unknown, to deal with the situation created by us in an environment that for the fist time dominated us absolutely."

Perfect Paradise

Punta Uva, Costa Rica, 2017
Workshop Survival A2
Seven interventions intentionally rejecting surprising wilderness of supposedly touristic spot. 1/ Eternal Sunshine of my Holiday, 2/ Sweeping away the Big Scary Spiders, 3/ Scissoring off the Withered Leaves, 4/ Hiding the Crab/ Spider/ Snakes or Whatever Holes, 5/ Warnishing Some Blossom, 6/ Perfecting the Beach, 7/ The Leaf Cap.


Medellin, Colombia, 2017
Workshop A2 City Disaster
Proposal for reversing a history of development and supporting an already existing sense of belonging and community of Medellin's favela quarter, proving its urbanistic qualities resembling of European medieval city-centers. In collaboration with Camila Patino Garcia, Camila Soto Gavirila, Manuela Bedoya Giraldo, Tereza Kalousova, Maryelin Botero Ocampo. Seven interventions intentionally rejecting surprising wilderness of supposedly touristic spot.

Catching the Train, That Is Not Coming.

Prague, CZ, 2017
Book and a video presenting a set of personal performances guided by self-appointed weekly rules.

Family House, Reconstrucion

Prague, CZ, 2017
Norma Architects
Redesign of a family house on the border of wild greens and urban areas od Prague outline the current qualities of the house: its situation in garden, silhouette, and volume and its interior furniture crafted in the '50s by the family's grandfather.

Apartment Block Hradcanská

Prague, CZ, 2017
Exclusive lot near the Prague Castle, on the border of three urban types typical for the city: 19th-century city blocks, villa quarter, and a plain Park Letna, all confronted with a noisy street of massive traffic of cars from the South and of trains from the North.

Utopia Brasilia

Brasilia, Brazil, 2016
Planet's new layer. Utopia commenting on the lack of former utopia's structural, social, and technological flexibility. The built-up utopia of city of Brasilia, which was averted further development by UNESCO preservation, and a tendency for the escapism of inhabitants of Brasilia's eagerly expanding adjacent areas, former laborer villages were the two main inputs for further work. Description of levitating society is rather a metaphoric narrative about virtual realities of successors of those, who were once excluded from the earthbound utopias, then an actual architectural design.


Prague, CZ, 2016
Co-curating for Norma Space
A thematic block of lectures, discussions, and a workshop that present unorthodox concepts for possible collaborations within the architecture profession. video
1/ Lectures and discussion of Martin Jancok and Ondrej Synek: on dialoque with original authors during reconstruction of significant buidings;
2/ Workshop with ON/OFF Berlin: workshop as a random cooperation of a collective;
3/ Public discussion of Monika Mitášová and Cyril Ríha: on blurred boundary between the vocation of the theorist and the architect;
4/ Lectures of Monika Annen and Carlos Mínguez Carrasco: on an experience with switching professions from practicing architects to professional curators.


Prague, CZ, 2016
Norma Space
Opening exhibition of Norma Space.
Norma is a platform. The practice determines our point of view while the theory creates an environment for critical discussion.

Bathing,Sports and Leisure Area

Nitra, Slovakia, 2016
Norma Architects, competition 3rd prize
Urban park Sihot with the area of the outdoor and indoor swimming pool including other sport and leisure activities is and an ideal place to become an active and cultivated gathering place. In the Middle of three historical parts of the Park a horizontal transparent pavilion and vertical transparent construction are inserted.

Adventure Playgrounds

Prague, CZ, 2016
Playground as a tolerated disorder. Balancing of the worldwide demand on self-organization, efficiency, and safety by purposeful disorder embodied in rearticulated afterwar Adventure Playgrounds.

Irreductible Text

New York, NYC, 2016
Information and context-free texts created by American by noting recited clippings from Czech media. Articulation of both-sided cultural disconnection. In collaboration with Julia Stoddard.


New York, NYC, 2016
_ _ _


Prague, CZ, 2015
Two example projects, a multipurpose public workshop (1) and a swimming pool with a shooting range(2), deal with problematic of supplementing functions missing to the well-protected landscape of the historical city center. Functions that are spacially demanding are inserted altogether with the needed renovation of public spaces. underground influences the character of its cover and the other way around.

1 - Jana Palacha Square

2 - Platnérská Street

Pub Parukarka

Prague, CZ, 2015
Hill Parukarka, park with the traditional low-cost garden pub is a place where very various types of groups and people meet. Frame with inserted light laminated box, intentionally susceptible to damage and aging, reacts to existing community atmosphere of openness as well as provides the possibility of change in volume as well as in time. The project reacts to planned reconstruction of the pub.

Shaudepot of the National Museum of Decorative Arts

Prague, CZ, 2015
An initiative house for a bordering lot of the proposed linear structures of former rails of Smichov. Poor light conditions, topographic break and a metaphoric borderline of the old and the future city formed a roof-less house of changing function.


Smíchov, Urbanism

Prague, CZ, 2014
Four “smudges” defining four characteristic urban typologies for the well-discussed brownfield area of a former freight train station in Prague. Backfill of the artificial canal of river Vltava, revive the East river bank disadvantaged by lack of evening sunshine.

Family House Belarie

Prague, CZ, 2013
Steep slope lot of an abandoned orchard on a terraced terrain formed by former vineyards. The border between an old resident quarter and eagerly grown factories near the river. Privacy, camouflage, but also respect are the major motifs of this exclusive but exposed spot.

Rustaveli Garden

Tbilisi, Georgia, 2013
Vertical workshops and urban plate tree garden for rest under the level of Tbilisi's major traffic and administration boulevard Rustaveli Street.

Freight Station Žižkov

Prague, CZ, 2013
Proposal of urbanism for Prague brownfield Freight Station Žižkov on exhibition From Now until Now in Prague Planning Institute. In collaboration with Jonáš Krýzl and Dušan Štefanič.